Clinical Hypnotherapy

Thе uѕе оf hypnosis іn а therapeutic setting is used fоr treating а variety оf physical and mental conditions. Using Hypnosis, individuals саn bе helped tо live а healthier life оr achieve а specific, achievable short-term goal.


Medically, Hypnotherapy іѕ а holistic approach for the treatment оf phobias, addictions, stress and pain. Based оn the premise that the mind and body dо nоt work іn isolation, іt relies mostly оn the power оf the human mind tо trigger the bodies mental and physical self-healing processes.

Quit Smoking

Without the right method and the right mindset, Quitting smoking will be almost impossible, even if you really want to quit, 

but it doesn't have to!

My customised quit smoking program is guaranteed to remove the triggers of your nicotine addiction and put you on the path to live the happy, healthy and smokefree life that you deserve... 

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Ultimale Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy has been a proven solution to successfully allowing people to control minor and severe weight issues and is a proven mindset system that assists you to be in control of your meals and start living again!


This customised program is guaranteed to give you the confidence to drop weight and keep it off long term and do it the healthy way without the need for radical diets.

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Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Workshops

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Help with Sleep

Essential sleep is an incredibly important body function.


Without it, we feel sluggish, distracted and incapable of performing our day to day activities and work.


There are a few reasons why some people suffer from little to no sleep so with the help of our dedicated team we can assist you to get back in the bedroom a have a great night sleep - every night!

My sleep success program can assist with essential relaxation and subconscious techniques essential for you to wake up feeling fresh and active to start the day.

Allergies & Hey Fever

Did You know most airborne allergies are completely treatable without drugs or home remedies?


This all new one hour treatment using clinical hypnotherapy allows you to permanently overcome serious side effects caused pollen, dust or pets.


This revolutionary new treatment is now available is being proven to assist you in taking back control PLUS dramatically reducing the impact airborne allergies to your immune system.

Overcome Fear of Flying

The fear and anxiety associated with flying effects thousands of people every day. Today's commercial aviation industry is the safest and most regulated it's ever been, but!


For a lot of people, the fear of flying still doesn't go away. 


So what can you do?


Well, I have created a simple two step hypnotherapy program designed especially to help eliminate the fear of flying. We work together to both coach you with all the aspects of safe flying as well as use hypnotherapy to create lifetime change.


With help, you can sit back, relax and fear no more.

Depression & Stress

Depression and Stress can take over lives.


If you suffer from depression, I can help!


As a qualified psychotherapist and hypnotherapist  I can  assist you with a range of issues related with depression and stress.

Sports Performance

Sometimes the difference between winning and losing can come down to millimeters...


But what dives you to perform? and what makes your body go that extra 5 - 10%?

Well if your body and your mind are both performing on all cylinders it might just make the difference..


Hypnosis can allow your subconscious to remove blocs and re-affirm positive beliefs that could just make the difference in coming first or second.



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