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Andy Vening Comedy Hypnotist
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Andy Vening show

Laughter, Amazement, Professionalism

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The Live Comedy Hypnosis Show


Hypnotist Andy Vening's show “Hypnotise Me” is simply overwhelmingly fun entertainment. This fully interactive, audience participation show will give your guests memories that will last a lifetime. The rapid fun and hilarious performance will leave you in stitches as you see your friends and colleagues hypnotised and perform comical routines. Recommended for any group size larger than 50 people.


Ideal entertainment for Sporting Clubs, Hotels, Corporate Events/Dinners, Fundraisers, Mining locations and all Social and Private Functions.

Playing nationally and also available for private or corporate functions.

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Andy Vening takes you on an extraordinary and hilarious journey into the subconscious mind. With his unique brand of comedy hypnosis, Andy seamlessly combines corporate sophistication with hilarious entertainment, making him the ideal choice for your next corporate event, conference, end of year event or team-building day.


Contact Andy today and elevate your corporate event to new heights. Witness the incredible power of the mind as laughter fills the room, barriers dissolve, and a sense of unity and shared experience takes hold. Prepare for an evening of side-splitting laughter, mind-boggling hypnotic feats, and a corporate entertainment experience that will be talked about long after the event finishes.


Together, we'll make your next corporate gathering an extraordinary success.

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