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GET UP on stage !!! ?

It's time to join me for an evening of hilarious hypnotic fun where amazing volunteers demonstrate the power of their unconscious mind in displays of hilarity and mayhem.

Come for an evening you will remember for years, or your friends will never let you forget as your Comedy Hypnotist, Andy Vening is able to let you experience something very special

The show is coming off the back of SOLD OUT shows throughout NSW, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania this year and with rave reviews from the likes of Triple M in Melbourne - make sure you grab your tickets TODAY!!

Laughter is Guaranteed.



                                                                           About Andy


Being a driven, passionate and skilled Hypnotist from Australia Andy's enthusiasm and love to have a good time focuses on stage hypnosis, as he performs for crowds throughout the country with his incredible approach and engaging live set.


Andy has found a way to channel over 7 years and hundreds of hours’ experience as a clinical hypnotherapist into an exciting, unique and engaging live act that blurs the lines between mysticism, science and entertainment.


Following in the footsteps of shows in the USA with the acclaimed Don Spencer, "the world's fastest hypnotist", he now performs his hilarious show throughout Australia and New Zealand offering thought provoking original entertainment and a great time to the audience!


Truly a night you will be talking about for years…