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Comedy Hypnotist Sydney - Stage Comedy Hypnosis Show

Tonight's Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show is the follow-up to last nights hypnosis show at the the freeway Hotel. Tonight I played at the King St Brew house in Daring Harbor Sydney.

Tonight i had a better crowd and also had a much more free flowing show... We had a full stage.

I did a good Hypnosis Induction and managed to put most of the people on the stage into a deep hypnotic trance. Although i did have to send three people back to their seats i still manage to have about 7 people on the stage in deep hypnosis.

Tonight's Comedy Hypnosis Show was packed full of laughs as one lady fell off her seat (safely) .. another guy spoke in alien, and i did a really good instant induction to allow another guy to fall to the floor.

As a Comedy Hypnotist / Stage Hypnotist living in Sydney and traveling to Melbourne and Brisbane often it it important to look after the safety of your volunteers on the stage.

It was a great show and everyone had a great time who came to this Event. I look forward to playing my Comedy Hypnosis Show back to this event sometime in the future.

If you are looking for some fun entertainment why not hire a Comedy Hypnotist for your event?

I am available for all private and corporate opportunities. You can contact me on my page

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