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Comedy Hypnosis Show Melbourne - Melbourne Comedy Hypnotist

This weekends Comedy Hypnosis Show brings me to Melbourne Vic. its the first time playing a Comedy Hypnosis Show here and I'm very excited to bring the show here. The show Turned out to be a great success with a really engaging crowd and some amazing volunteers. I spoke to all the hypnotized volunteers after the show and they all really loved the show and even asked when was the next time they could see my Comedy Hypnosis Show In Melbourne.

As this is a ticked event i have spent many weeks promoting this show and making sure as many people knew about it as possible. Marking an event is something every Comedy Hypnotist has to get good at. I will explain my the process i go through to do this in the coming months so keep an eye out for that.

So in Summery, I was really excited about my first Comedy Hypnosis Show in Melbourne and was also looking forward to my next show the following night.

To book a Comedy Hypnotist to perform a Comedy Hypnosis Show in Melbourne call anytime on 1300791176 or visit my website HERE.

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