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Hilarious Comedy Hypnotist Show Hits Canberra

Review of Andy Vening Comedy Hypnotist Show at the Harmonie Club in Canberra:

The Andy Vening comedy hypnotist show at the Harmonie Club in Canberra was a resounding success, with the venue completely sold out and buzzing with excitement. From the moment the show began, it was clear that the audience was in for a treat.

Andy Vening's exceptional ability to combine comedy with hypnotism was on full display, captivating the crowd and leaving them in awe of his talent.The audience participation was once again a standout feature of the show, with volunteers from the crowd becoming the stars of the evening. Andy's engaging and charismatic personality shone through, creating a fun and interactive atmosphere that had the audience laughing and applauding throughout the performance.

The sold-out show at the Harmonie Club, South of Canberra, is a testament to Andy Vening's growing popularity and the undeniable appeal of his comedy hypnotist act. If you missed out on this unforgettable evening in Canberra, make sure to catch Andy Vening's show next time he's in town for a night filled with laughter and entertainment that you won't want to miss!

the show is also available for private and public bookings. for information please contact


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